The Crystal Hunt ( The Petite Kingdom)

Pumpkin:Petites Crystal <A.D.D.Andel!> TCH
Look at Crystal lol!
 Outfit Pink: Petites Crystal G Field (TCH)
Outfit Yellow: Petites Crystal <forest feast> TCH
Oriental Outfit: Petites Crystal <NAMINOKE> TCH
Outfit black: Petites Crystal <House of Rfyre> TCH
 Pink Brass Horse: Petites Crystal <Bare Rose> TCH
Chocker: Petites Crystal <Yabusaka 1of2> female, but have male too TCH
And more details from the Petite Kingdom
 Dress : Petites Crystal <Blaze* Carefree Dress - Black> in short and long TCH
Hair: Tameless hair Beatrice for Petites in all colors NEW!!
 Rock chair: Petites Crystal <Roawenwood> TCH
Pink Underwear: Petites Crystal <Solange! Fashions> TCH
 Sneakers and wings: Petites Crystal <Vengeful Threads> TCH
Flying carpet: Petites Crystal <Avondale Petite> TCH
you should find a blue crystal and buy
The Crystal Hunt ( The Petite Kingdom)

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