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-If you like my work and you would like me to blog your items please feel free to contact me on SecondLife
 - Natsumi Kangjon- ,

 Toddledoo: DanielaAlexanderKangjon

- I blog clothes, hairs, skins, acessories, furniture

Important:  I have one rule, If don't like me I would not be posting  in the blog. 

If you want me to review your items, I’ll accept it gladly ^^.
-I'm Happy when designers  ask me to review their creations. Just drop me a folder and include the name of your store and the LM or a notecard with information you think is important,
-I really appreciate notices of upcoming events, hunts, freebies or other gifts, and new sim openings (I love exploring wonderful places for  pics).
- I can't always guarantee that everything you send me will be posted, but I’ll try my best to post all items in different looks.
- I reserve the right to post just the items I think fits my style.
- My time is unfortunately very limited. I have real life which limits my SL & blogging time .  I try very hard to blog as many items as I can, but due to this limitation many items will not make my blog.
I reserve the right to not blog items if they don't meet my taste and my style. Thank you♥♥♥
Please note that there are only 42 spots for groups, and most are bloggers group, if you have enabled that bloggers can submit notice into the group, I can not be in it, I have more sponsors and many messages are lost when that happens, ty ♥

Thank you for choosing us to showcase their products ♥
    Natsumi Kangjon

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