Animations Rising In Fantasy Fair (4)

Neon Outfit : Day [Female] - Living Light Outfit NEW!!

The intent in designing this line of clothing was to draw attention to, and to enhance, the body, and to do so with light. Swirling light moving around the body, enfolding it, yet revealing much of it. And the whole becoming a sort of living light sculpture. 
                     (The male outfit in previous post)

The Living Light outfits were designed to take advantage of the features available in the SL viewers which support glow. Naturally, the light effect is best seen in darkness.

Many different styles are available, some of them quite daring in that they were designed to be worn fully naked, with the genitals revealed. However, a codpiece is always provided if one is desired or needed.

Note that, though most of these outfits are designed for men, women can simply do without the codpiece/pelvic part of the outfit.

The outfits are HUD controlled: glow intensity, speed and color may all be varied, either globally for the entire outfit, or separately for each part.

Natsumi Kangjon

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