{KOKOIA} Exclusive Desings

Boots: {KOKOIA}  Exclusive Desings  LONDON NEW!!!
With complete HUD,The operation of the hud is as follows:

First you must wear the hud, once you have clothing logo will appear KOKOIA on top of your screen, at this point must click above for it to open.

Once you have opened a menu will appear with paragraphs "BOOTIES", "ACCESSORY", "LACES", "CATALOG", "LM" and "HELP".

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------
In this section you can change the color in the boot the booties  (if this model has a choice) in  HEEL &  PLATFORM TEXTURE  can change the color of the heel and platform of  the booties (if this model has a choice) .

Control Panel:

SIZE: You can modify at will the size of the booties and can click on any time the RESET to leave the default size.

RIGHT and LEFT POSITION IN BOOTIES: You can change the position of their booties once dressed as you like.

In this section you can activate or deactivate the shoe accessories, once you select an accessory menu appears with options or remove clothing ,you can also change the texture ( if your model offers this option ),once selected accessory .

To remove the top choice of accessory, you can delete them all at once.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------
In this section you can use the color to suit your needs using the palette located at the bottom.

If you use the color palette you can record up by pressing SAVE, and then in the square where you want to save for future use.

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