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Notice: Hush Darkrose /Verikai Vargas, owner and operator of Hush Skins, and Gala Phoenix, owner and operator of Curio Skins, announce a mutually amicable settlement to the dispute between them regarding the ownership of their skins. In March 2012, Gala Phoenix filed a DMCA takedown notice against Hush Darkrose for alleged infringement of her Curio skins. In May 2012, Hush Darkrose responded by filing a DMCA takedown notice with Linden Research, Inc. and filed a Notice of Civil Claim against Gala Phoenix for alleged infringement of her Hush skins. Hush Darkrose would like to clarify that she did not “obtain” an injunction against Gala Phoenix, but rather only sought an injunction against Gala Phoenix in a Notice of Civil Claim, which was then filed with Linden Research, Inc. and resulted in the takedown of certain Curio skins. Since that time, Hush Darkrose and Gala Phoenix have been in legal discussions regarding the skins in question. The parties have agreed that each store was created separately and individually. Wishing to avoid the expense of litigation, Hush Darkrose and Gala Phoenix have reached a private and amicable agreement, and are content with the results. Neither Hush Darkrose nor Gala Phoenix admits liability, and both parties wish to put the dispute behind them and move forward. Both Hush Darkrose and Gala Phoenix would like to thank the public for their support and patience during this time, and hope that the public will continue to offer their support to both designers and the incredible and unique skins that they each offer. Thank you, Hush Darkrose, Hush Skins and Gala Phoenix, Curio Skins

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