The Challenge - black & white

Set: ~*~ Inspired ~*~ Shades of Gray Chalk Tray
Chair: Kuro - A mess of a chair
Cloud lamp: Kuro - Illuminated thoughts
Vase: [DDD] Blossom Vase - W/B
Table: [DDD] Glass Top Sand-Filled Table - Black
Table: [DDD] Glass Top Sand-Filled Table - White
Table: [DDD] Glass Top Sand-Filled Table - Grey
Stool: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Leather Stool (white)
Table: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]Monochrome Couch Table with Decoration
Sofa: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Chesterfield (white)
Lamp: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Black and White Floor Lamp
Bed: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Minimalist Bed (white) PG
Books: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Black Book, The White Book
Magazines: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Black and White Magazines
Vase: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Segmented Vase with Branches
Boxes:[hate this]  mesh - storage boxes
Skybox: [hate this]  mesh - the ivory room Material Mesh
Rug: [hate this]  mesh - rug - brocade light
Rug: [hate this]  mesh - rug - circuit dark
Frame:Piddler's Perch  Little Things in Life Framed Quote

House: Gothic House by ChiC buildings Materials Mesh

*TNPLH* Greenhouse with furniture

!! Follow US !! Hapiness kitchen - black

Thanks Yago for help <33

Natsumi Kangjon

¿Alguien sabe cuántos intentos tienes para encontrar el amor de tu vida antes de que te asignen un gato de oficio? Nat The Cat

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