Gacha Attacks!

Shape: Markel Shapes- ADRIAN with Style Card. She and Him
Sneakers: LETHAL The Brits. She and Him
Jacket:  XIAJ  Fisherman Jacket (Blue) with Hamsa Tee Shirt. She and Him.
Pose: Poseology - Jumpin' Jack 6.
Cap: DECO - Mesh Patchey Ballcap (blue).
Pants: +HUHU+ City Jeans.

Objects:  Gacha Junky - Thrift Shop TV (Jeannie, Bewitched, Acres) .Thrift Shop
                                     - Fruity Toaster (yellow strawberries, blue peaches, Green Apple). Thrift Shop
                                     - Summer Tote Stripes (sunshine), Pin-up (coral), Pebbles (Pink). Thrift Shop



¿Alguien sabe cuántos intentos tienes para encontrar el amor de tu vida antes de que te asignen un gato de oficio? Nat The Cat

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