Allure Spa by Abiss Design


Allure Spa by Abiss Interior Design NEW!!

Abiss Design proudly presents latest hot tub in our range. This particular model is most advanced and detailed tub we ever made. Variety of materials and colors for both inside and outside together with modify rights, offer unlimited customization options for end user. Mesh made, carefully using several optimizations for level of details brings outstanding details and low prim to every resident. Diversity of animations and poses will satisfy even most demanding customer.
Spa details:
Prim count - 9 
modify rights 
cabinet textures - external - 9 choices 
shell textures - internal - 9 choices
bonus steps with mod and copy permissions with matching textures
suitable for up to 7 avatars - sitting/laying 
minimum of 20 animations per each seat, carefully selected and positioned 
pose ball system with carefully selected animations (200 animations sorted in roughly 100 couple poses) - various categories that will satisfy everyones taste
Spa has multiple user-menu features: 
pose ball animations access 
texture control 
external steps show/hide toggle 
light effect on/off 
water fill/drain 
water jets on/off 
water sounds on/off 
steam particle effect (discrete) on/off 
full bright toggle on/off 
user access control
You need try! 

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