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Collar: (epia) - Frilly Collar
Open Collar system, hud for color change 

The Frilly Collar comes with the following features: 
    ♦ 9 color options. Easy to choose via color-change HUD.
    ♦ Includes OpenCollar scripts. Left-click your collar to use these.
    ♦ Modify and copy permissions. Resize manually if needed. 
    ♦ High quality mesh- and texturework.

(epia) - Phone Booth 
The Phone Booth comes with the following features: 
    ♦ 5 single animations & 3 couple animations. 
    ♦ 3 colors/textures. (Red/Blue/Pink)
    ♦ Scripted door - can be opened on left-click. 
    ♦ High quality mesh and texture work. 
    ♦ Modifiable, stretching or shrinking can be done manually if needed. 
    ♦ Low land impact of 8.

Natsumi Kangjon

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