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Swing : [Ds] Secret Garden: Arbor With Adult Swing v1.0 pkg @ ROMP

The swing comes in two versions, General Audience/PG and Adult.  
The Adult version has both the PG and Adult animations inside and allows you the choice of rezzing the PG only swing or the Adult swing with everything inside.  This way you decide what goes on in your yard.

To rez your swing use the small black Dictatorshop button on the back bottom corner of the swing.  When clicked you will get a menu of rezzing options, just choose what you like.  There will be additional rezzables that you can add to the arbor later on in the shop, so do watch for those to increase your possibilities.

There is a script inside which will automatically re-rez your swing if the frame is moved once a swing has been rezzed out.  This is to help keep everything lined up just so for you.  

The included HUD allows you customize the look of both arbor and swing.  There are six wood colors, four choices of vine or no vine, and 10 fabric colors for the swing.

Cart: *AF* Gelato Cart @ The Epìphany
board: *AF* Gelato Signboard @ The Epìphany
Foxy : darkendStare. foxxy fellows - sits [all colors] RARE @ The Epìphany
Flowers : {anc} suger rose field

I am wear: 
Skirt: Dead dollz 10. MyKawaiiSkirt - Black @ The Epìphany
Top: Dead dollz 3. MyKawaiiTop - Pink @ The Epìphany
Bracelet: **RE** Kitty Bracelet - 
Watch: **RE** Kitty Watch
Hair: +elua+ Olivia_Exclusive [unrigged] @ The Epìphany
Heels: Essenz - Ankara (Maitreya) @ Black Fashion Fair

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