Catwa Catya mesh head review

Hello friends, I have made a video of the new head of Catwa Clip called Catya, and is for use in viewers Bento, my language is Spanish, but I think you can understand the review with video, hope you like it! and thanks! 

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Catya (Exclusive for Bento)  NEW!!
Shape : .:NK:. Shapes - Catya Shape for CATWA CATYA (BENTO) NEW!

This shape was edited for use with Cabeza mesh Catwa Catya for Bento.
You need to use a compatible viewer Bento, if not, you will not see the result of the photo.
The Shape is Copy and Mod, so you can change the size, or features that interest you is not transfer.
content will also find its styling card, so that the result is the most similar to the photos, I hope you like

Oficial Second life Viewer Bento  can be download in this page:

Firestorm Alfa Bento:
Info in this group:
Official firestorm group for Bento (alfa): 

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