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Galland Homes is pleased to introduce the Cloverleaf II, a new original mesh release.
Please note that as of November 7, 2016, this product now comes with two versions. The version you see rezzed before you as well as a version where the garage has been replaced by a third bedroom. Both rezz boxes are included in your package.

❖ House: 151 Prim LI;
❖ Antique White Kitchen: 31 Prim LI;
❖ Cloverleaf Master Bath: 21 LI;
❖ With all items above rezzed: 203 Prim LI;

❖ With all items above rezzed: 197Prim LI;

❖ All items noted above are included with the purchase price of the home.
❖ Other landscaping and furnishings used for staging purposes are not included with this house.
❖ Neither The Antique White Kitchen nor the Cloverleaf Master Bath are linked to the house structure should you wish to easily remove them. However, these items will rezz for your convenience in their assigned locations within the house.
❖ Approx 36 Meters wide by 31 Meters deep - best for 3072 Sq. M. or larger lots. *A Free footprint is available at the store.

❖Copy/Mod/No Tran (Some scripts are no modify, which will make the package appear "No Modify" when in your inventory. When the house is rezzed, you can modify the home.)


The Cloverleaf II is a modern crafstman home plan which features an open master suite, kitchen, dining area, living room, two-car garage, and second bedroom. The design blends traditional European and American styles (Chalet, Colonial, etc.) featuring intersecting roof lines and eaves. Careful attention has been paid to provide for ease of traffic flow in line with modern design which emphasizes open floor plans.

Still, the home includes more traditional elements such as baseboards, crown molding, and other custom wood trim aspects like the included mantels.

The home uses neutral tones throughout and all walls, while mesh, can be painted by simply recoloring them. In this manner, you will not lose the baked in ambient occlusion (shadow) effect. Shadow maps for the interior walls are included should you wish to apply other textures using your favorite photo editing software. (wall paper, faux paint, etc.)

***Cloverleaf II Galland Homes
Cloverleaf II Snow Roof

The kitchen is an animated product which includes an island with 14 animations and 10 poses. The main kitchen includes 21 animations and 11 poses (PG couples poses included). Each sink has running water and various props are included to help you prepare your favorite meals for you and your friends.

The master bath includes the shower, double vanity, bath tub, and toilet and also features animated products. The shower includes 16 animations and 11 poses (with PG couples poses). The bath tub includes 11 animations and 8 poses (3 PG couples poses included)

Finally, the home features custom mesh components such as the double hung windows, french doors, and the stable-style custom garage doors.

All landscaping in the advertising materials was assembled by Sera Bellic of Lick Sim Design.

The house control system offers menu controlled:

❖ Security - Allows the owner to add avatars to one of two classes of users: 1) Those who have access to the house controls and land parcel; and 2) Those who are permitted access to the land parcel, but will not have the ability to control house features;

❖ Lockable Doors;

❖ Windows with privacy features (This model has mesh wooden blinds);

❖ Working fireplaces in the great room and master suite;

❖ Media controls for radio and tv (you provide the URL's) and the ability for you to store your favorite media URL's in the house system for continued use;

❖ A teleport feature which allows you to store SLURL's to your favorite SL destinations and teleport to them by using the house control system; and a

❖ Customizable security system;

The home rezzes using a reliable rezz system - instructions included.

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