Hola amores! he hecho un review acerca de la cabeza LOGO Quinn BENTO, el video es español, debido a que yo no hablo bien el ingles, y ademas hay demasiados tutoriales siempre en ingles, y muy poco en español, cuando los que hablamos castellano compramos tambien! espero que lo disfruten y les guste!
El shape que visto en el video está en marketplace a la venta, si lo desean

Shape : .:NK:. Shapes Quinn for LOGO Quinn Mesh head bento

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LOGO is proud to announce the release of our first BENTO enabled mesh head, QUINN!

Quinn continues the high standards we have set with our previous mesh heads with high quality animations, lots of features and free updates for life!
Quinn's animation system is extremely versatile. There are 12 included animations and each one can be split into the top and bottom half of the face and combined with different expressions to create new expressions. The expressions can be frozen for photos or play through for emoting. You can also add in head movements to further customize the expressions, for example adding a nod to a smile to agree with someone. You can also set animations to play at random times and to react to chat commands. For example Quinn will smile if you type :) in chat.
Plus there are 17 static eye positions that can used for photos and they all react as your eyes naturally would.
Of course, being a Bento head means you can customize the look of your head using the Appearance sliders.
Quinn is also Omega compatible!
Quinn comes with:
5 High Resolution Skins
12 Expression Animations (can be mixed and matched together and with head motions for over 1,200 combinations!)
9 Head Motions
16 Eyeshadows
16 Lipsticks
6 Eyebrow Colors (plus a no eyebrows option)
4 Blush
16 Eye Colors
4 Nose Styles
7 Eyelash Styles
and multiple body options for system bodies.

Taxi for LOGO 

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