St. Patricks? Aphrodite Megastore, Enjoy!!!

 St Patricks romantic table for two
This amazing new table offers a romantic setting for the couple to celebrate St Patricks together! So suprise your love at home, or have it at your venue to treat your guests, is very low prims and rezzes all foods from a menu!

This table has:

♣ Texture changer on tablecloth and chairs to 4 different beautiful green fabrics 
♣ 2 Animated chairs to eat a dinner together (talking, eating, drinking, relaxing) 10 prims only 
♣ Beautiful table set with silverware giver, napkins matching, green crystal glasses, complete table is 18 prims with everything on it. 
♣ A St Patricks georgeous centerpiece options to decorate your table -12 prims 
♣ A bottle of the most expensive champagen in the world, Perrier Jouet as gift, Limited edition St Patricks day- 1 prim
♣ A bread and cookies basket optional decorative- 9 prims 
♣ 2 placemates for rezzing meals on touch from a menu, very eleborated chef meals made with high resolution sculpties (not textures). Meals to choose form includes: 2 starters, 2 appetizers, 3 entrees and 2 desserts. 

You can find this table in Aphrodite Megastore o Marketplace

The Happy Lucky Leprechaun
 St Patricks single pose set
A Wonderful set of unisex single poses made for St Patricks!

Four poses on a lucky golden horseshoe, built in, no more ugly poseballs! Just sit and choose form a menu!

Includes both props, irish green beer mug and also a beautiful pot o gold with shamrocks and a rainbow on it.

Only one prim, and copy.

Everyone can use! Put at your place for your guests fun or make that funny profile picture or card "Happy St Patricks day" for your friends!

You can find this table in Aphrodite Megastore o Marketplace

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