Sailors Home New England Beach House

Here is the "Sailors Home" for you.

  The perfect home for the enterprising Sailor or Couple. Nestled between the dunes, or on a beach, this lightfilled home of white wood, and grey, weathered shingles brings an unparalleled sense of security, yet openness.
Splendid Windowfronts in Living- and Bedroom offers a panoramic view onto the sea, as well as the rearward glasshouse offering a look over your gardens.
Safely nestled between the 2 roofs the study and balcony invite to work and enjoy.

All doors use the patented Aeon Vox Door system, offering menu controlled access.
Both Fieldstone fireplaces offer a menu-controlled fire.

-197 Prims with all doors & fireplaces with fires
- Reception, Livingroom, Bedroom, Bathroom, Glass wintergarden, 1st floor Study or 2nd bedroom + Balcony
-28m x 16,8m Base
-11,3m High without winvane
-2 Fireplaces with Menue-controlled fires

Natsumi Kangjon

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