Designer Prims in Home & Garden Expo 2012

House : Designer Prims Little Beach House NEW!!!
Designer Prims Little Beach House

All Proceeds for the sale of  this home will go directly to RFL, please use the vendor to purchase

899L Includes ALL furniture 
Prims: 66
Prims: 84 (inc, lighting, bathroom, kitchen, which will rezz with the house)
Size: 30x14
Parcel: 1024 or larger


- Texture Change Menu for Walls, Floors and accent walls & Shutters
- Animated Kitchen(Cook, food prep)
- Animated Bathroom Cabinate with texture change menu (brush teeth, wash hands, sit)
- Security system to lock doors and provide access to others
- Realistic window textures, glass and blinds
- On/Off water from the taps
- On/Off lighting

House: Holiday house NEW!!

Natsumi Kangjon

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