4th July BBQ- Independence BBQ- Canada day BBQ- Everyday BBQ

The most fantastic BBQ set ever done in Second Life! For everyday, with a great combination of soft and pastel fabrics for the BBQ, umbrella and all clothes but also special to celebrate this next 4th July with also a whole set of Independence day textures for everything.

♥ Main BBQ (13 prims) Includes this colors: blue, red, silver & beige, changes on touch.
Menu controlled fire with random sparks, smoke and moving fire no lag on/off.
Delivers prop automatically for everything, rezzes scenes too.
Animated with single and couple poses, a total of 15 animations including preparing, cutting the meats, spicing up, loading the grill, grilling single or together and much more.
You may grill: Burguers- Lamb & potatoes- Steaks & beefs- Fish- Vegetarian BBQ- Sausages- Pork & apples- Chicken. All meats starts as raw, then on a time of aprox 2 minutes they get cooked and grilled, and it serves on the table´s placemates!

♥ Picnic table (2 prims) Included 21 different textures for tablecloth, both pastels, plains and also Independence day theme.

♥ Sitting pillows (1 prim) a total of 15 animations to sit down, eat, eat with hand or silverware, eat dessert, drink, talk, conversation and many more. Rezz as many pillows as you need for your guests. Table and pillows are copy!

♥ Optional umbrella (2 prims) a decorative umbrella with also the 21 textures for changing and matching the set, decorative

♥ Desserts basket (5 prims) Includes a beautiful desserts sweet basket which delivers many different cups of dessert on touch with a spoon to eat and enjoy them, some are thematic for 4th July is blue and red colors like the strawberry or blueberries dessert but some are traditional like chocolate mousse or tiramisu. All desserts are worn so prims doesn't count. The little blanket that the basket has inside its also color change into 21 diff textures.

♥ Drinks cooler (9 prims) delivers 12 different drinks options on touch, all kinds of beer, wines, cocktails and non alcocholic drinks as well like sodas or juices. Four different colors to change (blue, red, brown or green)

♥ Vase of flowers (11 prims) a wonderful spring orchids vase decorative and optional as gift

♥ Placemates (1 prim) you may rezz as many as you like form 1 to....as many as you like! for as many guests you have, once the meats are "grilled" and ready into the BBQ, the BBQ will serve on all the placemates you have rezzed the plate of food for your guest, temporarily for 5 minutes. This is a new script not laggy and all the plates are made lowest prim as possible but you will need to have some extra prims available for this to rezz when needed. It works together with the BBQ on our new realistic system!

Thanks to Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood
Aphrodite Shop owners
Special Thanks at YagoAlexander, Anika Cluny, Vania Pelazzi, Toto Ahren, Zuriel Baxton
Thanks for coming and the patience <333

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