"Aphrodite Lovers grave 2" for Halloween graveyards or cementery

" I met my love in a garden of roses, she pricked her finger, how sharp the thorns grow, we made a promise till death do part us, we will never look on a wild yellow rose"
This is the romantic leyend that you may read on the "lovers grave" 2, the after death lovers
This is a fully animated tomb, when anyone clicks on it, it will animate the skeletons on the funniest way, the "bride" will repeatedly kiss and caress her "groom" over and over and they will say each other words of love, sooo tenderly, they will share a beautiful moment and they will also steal a smile from all your guests!
Its made to be the main attraction of your cementery or graveyard this Halloween season, a must have!
You may see it rezzed at our Aphrodite Shop

"Green Claw Swamp" Witch Hut 

"Black Water Hattie lived back in the swamp, 
where strange green reptiles crawl. 
Snakes hang thick from the cypress trees 
like sausage on a smokehouse wall. 
The swamp's alive with a thousand eyes, 
and all of them watching you. You better 
stay off the track to Hattie's shack 
in the back of the Black Bayou."

This unique witches hut of small size has two floors, its made on grunge swamp wood colors, and it includes an optional menu controlled fire witches fireplace (8 prims), a color changing "dark bats" chandelier, two animated spiderwebs to decorate with spiders moving on/off on touch, and a pentagram "puzzle" openable door, you need to rotate correctly the pentagram in order to access the witch´s house, a very cool touch.
The decorations for outdoors as the swamp and dead trees are not included but sold apart.
Decorate your place for Halloween with this amazing haunted house!
You can see this is Aphrodite Megastore 

Natsumi Kangjon

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