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Hello all animals lovers:

"SVPAP Project rescue" it is an event (Starts June 1 - Ends June 22) thought to collect money for the Society Protective Valencian of Animals and Plants. 

This protector that welcomes in the moment 500 animals in its center between dogs and cats, is spending now one of the most critical situations of its history. 

Unfortunately, for clippings of budgets and debts of the Public administrations, a series of indebtednesses has been created with providers and workpeople. These debts have taken to the judicial route and there is no money to overcome to these expenses.

Society Protective Valencian of Animals and Plants (SVPAP) is a private, independent, apolitical association and without lucre fortitude. 
This center is supported thanks to the donations of its members and volunteers, in between all the skin is left so that these animals enjoy a few excellent sanitary conditions so much how physical as mental. All help is low for these animals entering the compound looking for a second chance.

This protector has an animals saturation and there can only be admitted the animals that there bring in patients, injured men, pregnant women and godforsaken pups. Many of these animals are considered to be less adoptable by its age, race, illness … These who so much have suffered they deserve to have a place, beyond the crises, where the second opportunity is possible.

I, like so many others, like an animal adopter I am in debt with the protective of animals, because without them my pet not had been able to reach me (as the alternative to these is the dreaded Kennel).

Why SVPAP?: It is a very critical moment for this Animal Welfare and thanks to (I) have worked like volunteer I have contact with SVPAP. But any protector is important, they all fulfill a big function for our dear friends. 

SVPAP Project Rescue

It is a ROOM, where SL designers have wanted to take part placing one or two of its creations. In the ROOM 100% of the collected money is destined to SVPAP.

Some of these designers also take part putting some of its creations to 50% destined to SVPAP in its shops.

All stone does wall.


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Attentively Organizers of SVPAP Project rescure

- Psikotik gothly
- May tolsen
- Suvi breil
- Aracuan lokaria

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