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 Wedding Gown (partial Mesh) : Egoisme Amor Gown NEW!!!

Egoisme's Amor gown, available at the RP Store, offers up the beauty of the renaissance period, a time when grace and and perfection was not merely adored, but expected of any lady. With an intricate detailed circlet of pearls and diamonds held in the clutches of golden branches and a delicate golden bracelet... this cloth whispers to all of your value to society.

Long taffeta in both opaque and sheer cloth clings to your form before cascading down the thighs like a sweet waterfall of precious fabrics.  The matching half veil adds that extra distinction, letting all know there is a lady present.

Gown (Partial Mesh) : Le Fleurs Du Mal Suit #3 NEW!!
The long awaited Le Fleurs Du Mal Suit #3, found in the Haute Couture (High Class) section, is a testament to the incredible beauty of these poems. This is a tribute to Charles Baudelaire's poem: Le Fleurs du mal.

Natsumi Kangjon

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