Egoisme sensuality!

Egoisme proudly presents it's exotic collection, with flavors from around the world.
Anupama offers the flavors of India in an incredible Saree silk, vibrant color, soft and feminine flowing drapes and intricately woven gold with clutched gems...we present Anupama, the pride of her region.
 Egoisme Anupama Full Outfit & Jewelry NEW!!!!
The Coin silk offers up the eastern charms from the markets and the bustling streets, perfect to dance in or just lounge about in, these unique silks dare anyone to look away. Which is more precious? The coins or the woman within?
 Egoisme Coin Girl Silks NEW!!!

Ehn provides a simple and beautiful look inspired by the poorest of the orient regions, to show the pride and beauty, the style and the flair in simplicity. Ehn is incredible in pure cotton.
Egoisme Ehn Silks NEW!!!
Exotica is absolutely out of this world in golden browns and incredible vibrant colors, lady-like and oh so classy with such charm, this will bring to mind belly dancers of the east.
 Egoisme Exotica Yellow-Brown NEW!!!
Raine offers up royalty and class, distinctive in her power and authority, elegant as a queen might be. Raine is covered in dark silken cloth, leaving everything to the imagination but no doubt as to her abilities.
Egoisme Raine Gown NEW!!!!
Avaible at the Roleplay STORE  (on teleport choose: RP outfits )

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