Fingernails rigged mesh for Slink Hands!

My opinion, are perfect! had been waiting for them a long time, fit perfectly with any hand position (Slink), just turn off the visibility of your nails and wear FINGERNAILS RIGGED MESH ULTRA Version 5.0, and enjoy!


This is the Slink ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS HUD controlled by Jamman

(make sure to collect the Enhancement Update Version through the redelivery Terminal at Slink Mainstore).

This HUD Allow you to control the provided MESH RIGGED nails and apply up to 800 different polish texture on your slink enhanced avatar hands ,

But there is more !
Because it's rigged mesh there's only 1 attachement , and the nails fits automaticly your slink hands without any adjustement from size 0 to size 100 !!!!

Wear the HUD after purchase;
Wear the nails and let the magic start...
Choose your hand position between the 15 choices proposed by Slink avatar enhancement hand

You can select a hand right or ledt and choose a position different on each hands .
On the Left Select the categories of nails polish you want to be displayed in the large middle rectangle each categories have 100 different polish

Select the shape of your nails from the 3 provided square version in 3 lenght short, normal , long .. Each size contain the 15 different slink hand position .

Finger picker to apply 1 polish per finger , and a right left selctor too .

You can apply the 15 hands position with the nails using ther hud

Instruction provided

Everything is simple and works in a single click.

The posibilities are infinite ! the only limit is your imagination .

You can resize the hud in case its too big or too small on your screen or just hide it for a later use .

The Hud also include a Pose stand , you do not need to rez anything to get your pose and adjsute your nails !

When you buy the SLINK ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS HUD, you will receive FREE LIFETIME UPDATE if any improvement is made on the product.

- You can Select a finger and click on any shape to make any finger have a different shape

- You can set transparency of your fingernails the finger picker also working . Click on 100 % to hide your nails . usefull when you wear Gloves !

- Added a color picker with RGB Value .
Click on the color picker to set a color OR click on the RGB value and Say a Value to the hud OR use the color preset . Select any polish and change the tint of it . If you want a standard colored nail , select a white polish .

- You can Select The Base And or the Tip of you nail where you want to apply the polish on .
Select the TIP option and click on a polish , it apply only on the TIP or the base of the nail depending your choice . ( This option only work for the rounded and square nails not with Catsand snake shape)

- Shinny option so you can make the nails shiny .
ALL option are combinable . You can select the tip on 1 finger and apply a color specifically on it .

Note that some polish combination may not give a nice render like for example a tip and base with 2 different nail art polish will not combine well .

The HUD can be attached anywhere avoiding invisible HUD when the default attachement point was not used .

You can rotate upside down the texture you have selected on the nail part and by this way create new designs

NOTE : it does not rotate a design composed of 2 different texture upside down .
eg : You have a base in red and make a tip in black . Then rotate it to have the black on top it is not possible .
only the texture are rotating not the nail .
if you select a texture on the base , then rotate it the base will rotate but the tip will stay as this .

- Script is optimized and rendering is faster for most of the function especialy when all finger are selected for a change at the same time .

You can set left hand and right hand in one time . by clicking R or L on the hud it will change the all finger on right or left hand .

And More to come in V6 !!!! ( yes there will be one ;)

Remember The only limit is your imagination !


Want to see more pictures :
check blog :

Demo available in store inworld

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