Relaxing in the house..

Shape: Harume , Body Factory Store . No free . NEW!

Eye make Up Party : Party Dark . Anna Store . No free .NEW!

Piercings: (Modify to me) , Subtle Dare Thick . Hunt of Endless , HV Store. FREE
(Hint: Yours sincerely)

Necklace: Gamer Necklace . Hunt of Endless , Cute Poison Store . FREE
(Hint:Come into the light.)

Knotted Shirt: Hunt of Endless , Damned Store .FREE
(Hint:Take a sit can help you to find the gift )

Skirt: Lovely Skirt , Hunt of Endless , BlueBerry Store . FREE
(Hint:Don’t forget to look behind the counters! )

Sandals: Marcy Withe , Group Gift . VG Store . FREE

Megan RG

¿Alguien sabe cuántos intentos tienes para encontrar el amor de tu vida antes de que te asignen un gato de oficio? Nat The Cat

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