How use *Appliers* Universal MeshHead (the mesh proyect)

I know that as system of buy, search of demos, TheShops has a system a little complicated for all. I have decided to do a few capture to teach you where are your new *Appliers* for Universal MeshHead (the mesh proyect), only for them, because the Slink system is much easier and quickly.
I hope that it should be useful to you! kisses , Nat <33

1.- Wear the stylemode hud before !
Wear your head ( from The mesh proyect)

2.- Open your hud , and touch a little white head in the hud:

3.- Choose in Styles

4.- the Styles hud are open, and you can see all your stuff from the same skin tone

5.- Add you new prefer skin  hud applier and click 

6.- your hud  Stylemode have your new skin hud loaded inside, but where are? only see my olders skins!

7.- Touch in the right,  low part of the Stylemode hud the asterisk *

8.- you can look yours applier now, if you can chooise other, and don't see in this , use the arrow for search

Hope you like it ! 

Natsumi Kangjon

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