The Basilique- Paradise Lost, preview

I am very happy , I am one in a little group of blogger elected for see the Paradise Lost preview , the last year was Romeo & Juliet, this year Adan & Eve ,

Second Life's most ambitious performing arts company presents an adaptation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Following their "masterful adaptation" of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Canary Beck and Harvey Crabsticks return to tell the story of humankind’s original sin. Choreographed and set to the fourteen movements of Mozart’s Requiem, they tell the story of humankind’s creation by God, temptation by Satan, and expulsion from Paradise.

Just remember this performance is for adult rate

Raising the curtain, a work I ever imagined it could be possible in Second Life, The Basilique has done a magnificent assembly and expression, the kind that do not allow you to separate the view of what you're good, the majesty of the images, ambience, design, actors, costumizacion, special effects ... I've really fallen in love with Paradise lost, I want to  see another function I do not want miss any details , fantastic! congratulations!

the first Show  will start on April 5, 2014 and run until July , 2014

Tickets Information

  • Tickets are available through the marketplace at $L1000 each.
  • Tickets will be available at the door for $L1500 each up to 1 hour before the performance
  • Tips for the performers and the venue however are appreciated.
  • 50% of all tips and ticket sales will be donated to the WWF
This sweeping story features 43 characters, took over 1000 hours of development and a budget of more than L$200,000 to produce. You will come away saying that this is one of the most amazing things you have seen in Second Life.
Don’t miss this unbelievable opportunity. Book now. Tickets are available on the Second Life marketplace.

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