21Shoe June

Cast off those Summer doldrums with the June round of 21Shoe. This month we again showcase twelve of the grid’s hottest shoe designers each offering two pairs of shoegasmic joy.

The big news is that 21Shoe is officially being extended to a 48-hour format. You’ll now have a full 48 hours to snap up all the shoes your inventory can bear. This change has been requested by our Aussie and New Zealand friends as well as shoppers in Japan and other corners of the grid where the date-based nature of the event could be confusing. This change offers shoe maniacs around the globe all the time they need to grab the goods!

We’re also now going to be showcasing an event sponsor each round. For June, our sponsor is Klepsydra by Betty Scorpio who will be offering up this month’s group gift.

If you’re not yet a member of the 21Shoe Official Group In-World make sure you slip in before this month’s group gift from Klepsydra goes out!

Our designer line up this month sees the return of event-favorites Eclectica, Essenz, G&D, Glamistry, House of Rain, Ingenue, KC Couture, Kokoia, Livalle, and MV as well as the event debuts of ChicChica and Diva Shoes into our lineup. So keep those calendars marked for the 21st when the goodness will all be unleased. Oh, yes it will!



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