::LV:. Full Perm Head

                                                       ::LV:. Full Perm Head NEW!

Available moods: 
::LV:. Full Perm Head - Frown
::LV:.Full Perm Head - Smile
::LV:. Full Perm Head - Basic
::LV:. Full Perm Head - Angry
::LV:. Full Perm Head - Kiss
::LV:. Full Perm Head - Parted Lips
Full Perm Head - Texture

You can be different!!

This product is great for designers or anyone who would like to customize their own mesh head. Since it's made with the same UV map as the default SL head any skin should fit! 
 This is fabulous!
Necklace: Izzie's - Knot & Beads Necklace @TDR ( Unisex)

Natsumi Kangjon

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