N-core ADDICTION for The Event _ Hollywood ( open March 30) Soon!!

Heels: N-core ADDICTION for The Event _ Hollywood ( open March 30) Soon!!
HUD Features:
- 12 Skin textures (base) 
- Color picker and RGB option 
- Click&Match! (new system to match your skins) 
- Memory slots to save your skin tone 
- 30 Nail Polish( french, color & fantasy ) 
- Resize 
Scripts highly reduced (low LAG)
The easier way to match your skin!
N-core has added to the new line of mesh shoes a new system to match your skin. We want to make your skin match experience as easy as possible! On the HUD of the new line of N-core mesh shoes (including the bare feet) you will find the button "Click & match" on the top. This button will open your browser and redirect you to "N-core Click & Match" website. There you will find our database of skins, all what you need to do is look for your skin brand and tone, then click on the "apply" button....the color will be automatically applied to your feet in-world! Love this system!

Natsumi Kangjon

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