Snow Rabbit S@R Hybrid Avatar

Snow Rabbit S@R Hybrid Avatar in Skin Fair 2013 ( march 15 open) 

Have a complete Hud, you can change the eye colors, lipstick, eyeshadows, mole, tears... come and try
The movements of the face, smile, close eyes, are involuntary, you do not need to use the HUD to happen

S@R Hybrid Avatar Q&A (E)

Q1.    What is S@R Hybrid Avatar?

    A1.    S@R Hybrid Avatar is a combination of mesh head with regular avatar.
            *Included skin and shape must to be used for perfect matching.

Q2.    What is the advantage of using hybrid avatar?

    A2.    Shaping of mesh avatar is lot better than regular avatar, but mesh avatar can not wear conventional
     layer clothes.   Hybrid avatar provides more selection of clothes to wear while having smooth and
     beautiful face.

           Hybrid Mesh Avatar's head is from root of the neck to the top of the head.   If layered
           clothes goes above the neck, that portion will be covered by mesh head.

Q3.   There is time I see glitches on my face while facial expression changes. How can I fix it?

    A3.   Our mesh avatar facial expression system consists of multiple transparent object. Depending on
     graphic settings, overlapping transparent object would show glitches. Cause of this glitch originates
     to how Second Life handles transparent object.
     This glitch can be prevented by doing one of the followings.
              A.   Turn on the Full Bright feature. (This ensures the appearance of mesh avatar's face show
         correctly in any graphic settings settings.)
              B.   Turn off the facial expression option. (The glitch appears only when facial expression is
         changing. Turning this option off keeps the mesh avatar's face to show correctly.)
     The mesh avatar face may look perfectly fine even after turning off the Full Bright feature on your
     screen, but this doesn't mean others can see you the same way. Please be aware that by turning
     the Full Bright feature off, other people may see the glitch you are not seeing.

Q4.    What is Full Bright?

    A4.    Full Bright makes object shiny.   With this feature on, texture on the object does not get effected by
      other light sources.

Q5.    Why wear Face Light while Full bright is on?

    A5.    There are two reasons why wearing Face Light is preferred.   One is to make the connection between
            mesh head and body look smooth especially when sky setting is midnight.  Another reason is because
            Full Bright mesh head glows in the dark. Wearing Face Light keeps the light balance around the head
            and upper body area.

Q6.    What are the effective combinations of Full Bright Setting and Face light settings?

    A6.   Please try one of the settings below.

            1. Full Bright: ON / Face Light:A(High,Low)
                  →Most Generic setting (2 light sources)

            2. Full Bright: ON / Face Light:B(High,Low)
                  →Adds one more light source from above setting to make the connection between mesh head
                     and back side of the body look smooth. This setting uses total of three light sources.
                     *Please consider effects to other when using this setting.

            3. Full Bright-ON / Face Light-Off
                  →Use this setting when usage of face light is not appropriate such as participating in an event
                     where face light is prohibited.

            4. Full Bright:OFF  / Face Light:C(High,Low)
                  →When graphic setting “lighting and shadows” is off.
                     When you want to see natural lighting effect (2 light source)

            5. Full Bright:OFF / Face Light:D(High,Low)
                  →When graphic settings “atmospheric shader” and “lighting and shadows” are on.
                       When you want to see natural lighting effect.

              *Under certain graphic settings with Full Bright feature off,  Mesh head shows glitches while
               facial expression is changing. Turning off the Full Bright feature off is recommended only when
               taking snapshots or facial expression option is turned off.                
               Know issue→When graphic setting “lighting and shadows” is on and pull down option is set to
               ”None”, Mesh Head would show glitches while facial expression is changing

Q7.  Can I change the size of the mesh head?

    A7. Yes you can. But if you change the size of the mesh head, you will also have to adjust the following.
            1.Eye Size (shape)
            2.Eye Depth (shape)
            3.Neck Thickness (shape)
            4.Ear size and position (Ears are modifiable object)
More Info: here

Skin and head: Snow Rabbit S@R Hybrid Avatar Skin Fair 2013
Dress: *GF*[Mesh] Puff Sleeve Dress Taylor -white&mint-(FFL2013)
Shoes: *GF*[Mesh] Wedge Pumps Adele (FFL2013)

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