Home & Garden Expo 2013: Relay for Life (4ª)

 Chest: Magical Meeroo Me and My Chest V3.0
Plant: Meeroo Hysben Flower Pink mc

Chest: Magical Nocturnals Me and My Geode V3.0
Plant :Meeroo Elysian Plant
Plant: Meeroos Thintel Plant

she is my first Fluf and chest, and she have 614 days, is meepet, live forever

She is my Dryad Sula, Limited Edition, since 2011, 634 day old, meepet too, love her!

In each Chest, you have touch, and take first, the home, the food, and last the nest, because, the meeroo cann't born if haven't home, and never, never, open the nest!
You need the hud too, is important, and free in the mainstore

In the left, the nocturnal Chest, in right Diurnal Chest
Sleeping in the home, Muncho YI!,Silver Tide,  nocturnal, plume tail,teacup, 211 days,  meepet too
I just want to remember that in addition to being a great place, the Expo also raises money for RFL (League Against Cancer)

Natsumi Kangjon

¿Alguien sabe cuántos intentos tienes para encontrar el amor de tu vida antes de que te asignen un gato de oficio? Nat The Cat

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