Home & Garden Expo 2013 RFL (6º)

Rocking Chair: ::WetCat:: "Rocking" Couple Chair
Bench: The Adele Bench - Blue  By Tranquil Homes
Sofa:A.V. Epoque Sofa by Atelier Visconti
RFL Item - A.V. Epoque Ottoman by Atelier Visconti 
Clock:A.V. Epoque Floor Clock by Atelier Visconti 
Frames:Cobblestone - Sunshine Pictures (Square)
Candles: A.V. Epoque Candles by Atelier Visconti
Wall Shelf:A.V. Epoque Wall Shelf Unit by Atelier Visconti
Shelf: Cobblestone - Ladder Shelf (Pine)
Little table: A.V. Epoque Coffee Table
Rug :Rug Lyrics CHEZ MOI
Pillow :LPG Mesh Pillow w/sleeps Hud for change textures  RFL
Jam Jars: A.V. Epoque Jam Jars by Atelier Visconti
Plants:[Park Place] Green Plant - large
            [Park Place] Pink & Purple Flowers in Vase
            [Park Place] Green Plant - large

Home & Garden Expo 2013  - Sim Locations

Home Expo 1: Sponsored By: Roawenwood

Home Expo 2: Sponsored By: Cheeky Pea

Home Expo 3: Sponsored By: Park Place Home Décor

Home Expo 4: Sponsored By: Stonewood Homes

Home Expo 5: Sponsored By: Galland Homes

Home Expo 6: Sponsored By: Prim Perfect Magazine

Home Expo 7: Sponsored By: PRIME

Home Expo 8: Sponsored By: Home & Garden Market

Home Expo 8: Sponsored By: Wonderful World of Meeroos

Breedables Fair 1

Breedables Fair 2

American Cancer Society

I just want to remember that in addition to being a great place, the Expo also raises money for RFL (League Against Cancer)
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