Home & Garden Expo 2013 ( 1ª)

House Cottage: By Dorian - Hope Cottage - Expo Edition 32 prims
Wall and plants: ~*~ Inspired ~*~ Crumbling Rock Wall ( Edge)

Sofa ,table, and rug: Spargel & Shine Sandalwood Sofa
Rug Floral Cream
This Sandalwood Sofa Set is a unique design piece not seen anywhere else in SL, composed of beautiful carved and gilded wood and plush velvety cushions. Included is a sofa and coffee table linkset, a sofa without table, and a rug. It comes equipped with a variety of animations along with some new features. This set includes a sofa and coffee table combo with which some animations trigger a rezzed prop. The book pile prop and the tea tray prop both rez on the attached coffee table and have wearable accessories inside - just click on it when it rezzes and accept the item into your inventory. Wearable accessories are also found in the animation menu.
Books and Wine - ChiC buildings Hunt Prize

Book Shell: P&T- Boston Console Cabinet-part mesh

Blog post by Natsumi & YagoAlexander , hope you like it =)

Natsumi Kangjon

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