Candy Fair 2013, Maps, and SLurl

Candy Fair 2013
October 4th - October 18th

What the heck is Candy Fair?!...
Candy fair is an event created for the love of Candy & Sugar. We all love candy! So we decided to feature all the sweetness that goes along with it. 

Candy Fair open tonight! are you ready? 
Here are maps and SLurl, and enjoy! as always!!

Sim 1 - Sweet Suprises
**Chocolate Falls - Sponsors**

**Gummy Bear Drive - Kids**

**Marshy Mallow Town - Clothing**

**Candy Corn Valley - Poses**

Sim 2 - Sugar Valley
**Gingerbread Alley - Sponsors** 

**Lolly Land  - Clothing**

**Candy Cane Lane - Home And Garden**

Sim 3 - Candy Cove
**Gumdrop End - Sponsors**

**Cupcake Hills - Skins, Hairs, Shapes, Tattoos, Makeup**

**Donut Turn - Clothing**

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