HorrorFest 2013

HorrorFest 2013
Oct 18th to Nov 8th

Hello prettys! ,today present a new event, Horrorfest 2013, this event is special  apart from being  dark, fantastic designers of Second Life, have teamed up to raise money for Epilepsy Therapy Project so we can have fun, and at the same time can help an important cause, hope to see you there!

xoxo , Natsumi <333

Horrorfest is a fortnight long horror themed event to be held the last two weeks in October showcasing all that is on the darkside of SL. It will feature all sorts of good stuff, a hunt, burlesque dancers, DJ events, and much much more

Two of our creative team were the organizers of the Zombiefest events which cumulatively raised 700,000L$ for charity and saw traffic of 50,000.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of exclusive items created solely for  Horrorfest will go to our chosen charity.

This year we are proud to donate to the Epilepsy Therapy Project and you may track the donation levels in real time by clicking here.

To learn more about Epilepsy please click here to visit the Epilepsy Therapy Project.

We hope to see you at Horrorfest 2013 and from the bottom of our horror loving hearts we thank you for participating, for visiting, and for donating.

The Guild of Gloom

You can find out more here https://bos.etapestry.com/fundraiser/EpilepsyTherapyProject/main/team.do?participationRef=189.0.556374490

All donations and charity proceeds will be sent to our bank alt 'Horrorfest Resident' whose account records will be completely transparent, and who is not used for anything at all apart from Guild of Gloom events. Approximately 1 week after Horrorfest is over, details of transactions from SL to the charity will be documented on the Horrorfest blog (This may be later, depending on cashing out times which are a bit borked right now).

Please have a read of The Epilepsy Therapy Project's website. It's a wonderful cause and seriously underfunded. This is our chance to give them a presence in the virtual world.

~ Thanks

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