New Petites Kingdom!!

 In January 2012, the first Petites shyly ventured into our world. Curious creatures by nature they were fascinated by our world and quickly captivated the hearts of those they encountered. Offered land for an embassy by Yabusaka Loon, the Petites set up a home, only to quickly outgrow it. Thanks to the quick minds of Alia Baroque, Sharni Azalee, and Marcus Inkpen, a larger space was built for the burgeoning Petites community, but as more and more Petites came to explore our world even this new larger garden paradise began to seem too small.

After much thinking and planning by their friends, it was decided that the Petites must have a place of their own in our world, a place to come together to share their community with one another and with the people who had so warmly welcomed them to this new world.

Ringed by mountains, a lake as smooth as glass waits poised to reflect the silhouettes of the nine floating islands of the Petite Kingdom. A portal was created above the lake linking our worlds together. Five islands made the journey from the Petites' world to ours before the magic that powers the portal ran out. It was meant to be recharged with the magic crystals gathering from the caverns of the Crystal Mine. Unfortunately the airship that came to pick up the supply of crystals and transport them to the portal was hit by a stray wind current that flipped it upside down spilling the magic crystals all over the Petites Kingdom.

Now, with half the islands of the Petite Kingdom here and half on the other side of the portal, we need your help! We need you to come and help us gather up the missing magic crystals so we can refuel the portal and bring the rest of the petite islands into our world. The Petites, always a very hospitable race of creatures believe highly that work and play should go hand in hand so wish to make the task of gathering the lost crystals an enjoyable one. Thus, we invite you, out friends, to come and discover the new Petite Kingdom on Saturday, September 29. Come and help us retrieve the missing crystals and stay to help us celebrate the Petites new home with music, dancing and possible surprises!

Important Information:

Please join us for The Crystal Hunt and Welcoming Celebrations on Saturday, September 29 @ Noon SLT. The hunt will start at noon SLT with celebrations starting at 3pm SLT and going until 9pm SLT. Big or small all are welcome!

Perched atop The Rock, the towers of Ravens Roost overlook the Petite Kingdom. Home to petites known as the Ravens, the stone citadel rises strong and proud against the sky in testament to the mighty warriors who reside within its walls. The legend of the Nameless Battle has been handed down from parent to child for generations, coming to epitomize all it means to be a Raven. Ruled by the dual ideals of Fidelity and Honor, the Ravens stand proud in their role as Petite Protectors. Though the name of the enemy has been lost to time, it is remembered that long ago there was a great battle and the Ravens came to the aid of the kingdom when no other petite could. Riding birds of prey, they fell from the sky on the enemy, the clash of iron against iron ringing out through the land as swords flashed and arrows rained down from the towers of Ravens Roost. Trained in the art of war, in a kingdom that has known a thousand year peace, the Ravens have learned to put their skills to other uses. Since lands are safe at home, the gallant Ravens often explore beyond the borders of the kingdom in search of new lands and adventures.


Far in the north where the ground touches the sky is the Digger city of Niteobryn, which sits above the caverns of the Crystal Mine. It is here that the magic crystals that run the Petite Kingdom are found. Mined by petites known as the Diggers, the crystals are hauled out of the ground and transported by airships to all the islands of the Kingdom. Working with the raw magic of the crystals over generations has made the Diggers an extremely jovial group of petites. Magic is weaved into the fabric of their daily lives. A thin layer of crystal dust covers everything in Niteobryn. Magic is inhaled with every breath, and it has the effect of giving a soft glow to the Diggers. From dawn to dusk music fills the air as the crystals hum and echo through the caverns accompanied by the songs of the Diggers. Living in Niteobryn, Digger children, often sing their first words because the music of the crystals resonates in their souls adding a song to every thing they do. At night if you watch the northern skies you can see the soft pulsating glow of the city of Niteobryn and if you listen very hard sometimes you can catch a whisper of the Diggers' song floating on the wind.


Nuneefufoos can shape the world to their dreams, so in Lililoco on the Theramon archipelago it is difficult to always predict what a visitor might see from day to day. The one constant is the continuous flow of chocolate from fountains scattered around the island. Making thin air into dancing trees and singing flowers takes a lot of energy, which a steady intake of chocolate helps to replenish. However the Nuneefufoos are not known for their moderation, so with the motto  “Excess is Exquisite”, often these petites are found bouncing off the walls in a sugar-induced high. Consummate acrobats, they tumble, swing, and spin from place to place leaving a glitter trail in their wake to mark their passage. Mini magical explosions color the air, as new dreams pop up with each individual thought. Nuneefufoos learn at an early age to have catlike reflexes as one never knows when something unexpected will popup in their path. Always ready to zig instead of zag, these petites are easily deterred from their tasks and given to spontaneous pursuits and flights of fancy. To the other petites, life on Theramon seems a bit scattered, but living in anticipation of the moment seems to suit the eccentric Nuneefufoos.


Spreading its branches wide against the southern horizon is the Tree of Life. Nestled among the roots of the Tree lays the village of Couerdebois, home to the Fleurians, the petite gardeners of the kingdom. From a young age, Fleurians nuture their ability to commune with nature knowing one day they will become the next generation of caretakers for the heart of the world. Charged with more than just tending to the Tree of Life, the Fleurians care for all the flora in the kingdom. Just before dawn every day, a flurry of activity races out over the land from the South. Riding bluebird mounts, these petites travel to the four corners of the kingdom calling out to the plants they tend to rise and meet the morning sun. Callused hands stroke buds awake painting them with colors. Freckled noses smell the dew that is then gently gathered from each blade of grass to carry home for the Tree. In the evening, grass harps in hand, the Fleurians gather around the Tree to play and end the day. Lullabies are carried on the wind preparing the world for slumber. Quiet descends as the landscape dreams, flowers nod their heads and trees tuck away their leaves.

Open Tomorrow september 29

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