::VoluptuousDollz:: NEWs!!!!

Dress: VoluptuousDollz Foxy Denim Dress -  8 colors NEW!!!

Corset: VoluptuousDollz  Mini Top - 10 colors NEW!!! 
(Lolas pasties)
Top left: VoluptuousDollz My Busty SL3T Top NEW!!!
Top in the middle: VoluptuousDollz Flirtatious Leo Top - 10 colors NEW!!
Top Right:VoluptuousDollz Low Cut Tie Tee NEW!!
Jeans: VoluptuousDollz My Skank Jeans - 10 colors NEW!!
Dress: VoluptuousDollz Corset Dress -  8 COLORS NEW!!!
Bikini : VoluptuousDollz Exposed 6 colors NEW!!!
Dress: VoluptuousDollz My Divine Dress -  8 colors NEW!!
Jeans: VoluptuousDollz My Skank Jeans - 10 colors  - NEW!!
Top: VoluptuousDollz The Sweetest Top  7 Colors NEW!!

Dress : VoluptuousDollz Sensual Dress - 12 Color NEW!!
Dress: VoluptuousDollz Slinky Lace Dress  10 colors ( pasties not incl) NEW!!

Can be worn with or without Boobs!
Appliers can be mixed and matched.
- Just add/wear the applier and the shirt texture will automatically be applied to the tanktop layer of the primplants
With most appliers this outfit might require adjustments.
Note: Lolas push up 2.5  worn in pictures.

Natsumi Kangjon

¿Alguien sabe cuántos intentos tienes para encontrar el amor de tu vida antes de que te asignen un gato de oficio? Nat The Cat

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