Halloween...."The Witches Corner"

Heart Homes Furniture presents you our: "The Witches Corner" Halloween table Set

Feel like a Halloween Witch, Warlock, Mage or mysterious person, with this wonderous room of mystery. Watch Grandma`s picture (as she watches back to you..), go though the magical ingredients, cook a bubbling soup and warm at the fireplace...  fo awesome magic on your witches Table: Try reading tarot, asking to your crustal ball, make voodoo on someone, cook a special halloween buffet, decorate your house with halloween lights and candles

Do enjoy this set fully, we have compiled a few notes on how to use some items in this set.

1) Picture: Put it where you like.. note  how the eyes follow the nearest avatar. Click the frame to switch the laughing on or off.

2) Fireplace: Click the firewood to kindle or extinguish the fire.

3) Kettle: Click it for a bowl of soup and a spoon to wear from your Objects folder.

3) Candelabrums: Click the wicks to light/extinguish each candle separately

4) Bookcases, Rug: place where you like

5) The Witch Table. "sit" on it, to get a menu of the available poses.  Pick one. The table automatically places you,  and rezzes a fitting scene. Be sure to have a free prim available in your parcel.
If needed, the table will also hand you a prop or two.. just wear them from your Objects folder.
If you like to change your activity, just click the table again

Natsumi Kangjon

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